• Bodean


    Hey Bodean, let me in
    I wanna kiss your toe
    Hey Bodean, don't be so mean
    It's cold out here in the snow

    Hey Bodean, don't be so mean
    It's cold here and I have nowhere to go
    Oh no

    Life without you is low and blue
    I can't carry on by myself
    But still, I do, in hope that you
    Won't go out with nobody else


    Bodean, I can't understand how a pretty girl like you can have such a cold
    By golly, it's colder than the snowflakes falling on my face
    Bo, I love you more than my own mama
    And we shall never part


    Bodean, Bodean, my beauty queen
    The fairest damsel of all
    My love for you uplifts me heart
    The snow, it continues to fall